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I LOVE my Chic Dock Amarie top. I receive compliments EVERY time I have it on. The embroidery is so beautiful and elegant and the style is soft, comfortable and flattering. I feel like a princess when I wear it. -- Holly Poitras.


I am glad I saw the Facebook ad and visited the website, the name Chic Dock did not make much sense to be honest. The picture actually compelled me to visit the website and I am so glad that I did. I first bought one top, I loved the fabric and the embroidery so much that I ordered 2 dresses. To my surprise I received a very beautiful scarf free with it. It was not mentioned anywhere on their website that if I spent a certain amount I would get a $ 79 scarf for free. I was pleasantly surprised and the scarf I tell you is unlike any other, it is to die for. -- Paula Clarke.


So thrilled to have found such amazing clothing at Chic Dock. I can't get enough of the intricate designs and beautiful fabric. I am looking forward to each and every new collection. -- Deirdre Glynn.


A happy buyer, I want all these amazing scarves, wish there were more styles, the range is limited cannot wait to see the new collection when it comes. -- Linda Wood.


Anytime I wear one of Seema's designs I received countless complements! The beauty of her creations is that somehow the amazing detail work, hand embroidery gives off an air of effortless style. Every piece of her clothing is timeless and you can't help but feel like a million bucks when you are wearing them! -- Carrie Recknagel Fitzgerald.


“Please have the Huda top in white on white too, I bought the navy one and I am a fan now. Actually I had seen a women on a cruise in this top I asked her where she bought it from. I thought she must have paid through a nose for such a fine piece but when she told me the price I was surprised. This designer will go places that is for sure. I will be buying many more.”  -- Annette Jones.


I bought the Lauren shirt and love the color and graceful style!  The material is comfortable to wear in cool and warm weather. I have worn it in a more casual style to work as well as dressed it up to go out to dinner, simply love it!  -- Andrea Bodkin.

The Fatima top is unreal, the embroidery is so fine, detailed and delicate, I have worn this to work, mall and to a party, no matter where I wore, it was loved, even complete strangers gave me compliments.  The designer should send me some free stuff as I must have sent many customers to her website. -- Anjali Mehta.


“I wore the Mia top for an afternoon get together and there was not a single person, who did not compliment me, even my son’s friend came up to me and said, “you look amazing”. It is unlike anything I have seen or worn before. I am in love with the fabric, the colors and the fine embroidery, especially on the neck and which goes all the way to the back. It is a gorgeous top and at this price it is a steal. I will have it dry cleaned as I do not want to mess up with this one. -- Jackie Piroso.


When I was able to attend a trunk show I was amazed and delighted by the quality and styles of the Chic Dock line. I own several different styles and just love them every time I wear one. -- Janet Stone.

"I decided to wear a beautiful hand-embroidered cotton voile Chic Dock dress for my engagement photos, and I am so glad I did! Chic Dock designs are effortlessly romantic, with spectacularly intricate details. I dressed up the outfit for the photoshoot with a belt and high wedge heels, but what makes Chic Dock even more wonderful is that the pieces are comfortable and wearable enough for everyday!" -- Ammu Mahalingam.


Total investment pieces, I have bought many and will continue to buy more, wish there were more styles with sleeves. -- Isabel O’ Brien.


"The dress I bought from Chic Dock is just beautiful, you can dress up with pretty sandals or dress down with flip flops. It's very comfortable and light. I love the colors too. The material is amazing and light to wear" --Nicola Silvestro.


What can I say about the Huda top, I sent a selfie to my mom and she just went on and on about the top I was wearing. I decided to buy one for her but to my regret they had sold off the XL sizes and so I bought the Sana top and had it shipped to her address. These pieces are insane I am writing this because I always bought similar styles at four times the prices, the fabric and the embroidery this designer is providing is much better. I just see one problem, the fabric does not have any stretch, so I will recommend that women should buy a size up, well just my own opinion, mine fits very well as I bought a size up. -- Lisa Mathews.


I really like the Nicola blouse, the embroidery is so beautiful and the colors are just amazing. It is long enough not to make you look fat and covers what it is supposed to cover. I wish they sell a cami too but buying one in an off white color was not a problem. The design is flawless and very expensive looking. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a classy look. -- Rebecca Ferre.


The Sabiha Maxi is my favorite and a steal at $499. I have spent a fortune on gowns but they pale in comparison. The fabric, the perfect figure flattering silhouette is much better than those much expensive gowns. The length is 60” which is perfect for my tall height. This is my all-time favorite piece. -- Giselle Cardin.


“The Carrie dress is a show stopper, I cannot tell how good I feel in it. Just one flaw, it was tight on the bust for me, so I returned it and got a size up, now it fits like a glove. The brand is very helpful, they paid for the return and also shipped the next one overnight for free. I am an Indian by heritage and know that even in India such fine styles sell for much more. She is giving an incredible value, have just ordered the Muliman top and the Khadija scarf can’t wait to have them.” -- Saakshi Singh.