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Become A Stylist


Launch your business in style by becoming a Chic Dock stylist.

The customers will have the instant gratification of buying signature style high quality couture at very affordable prices through you.

Who will buy a single piece when they have the chance to buy a celebritie's wardrobe at such nominal prices?


The Chic Dock stylists decides her earnings, she can earn up to 35% commissions.

Ways to earn:

Personal Sales:

1: Earn 30% commission: From sales from your personal website. (Best thing you do not have to buy in order to sell, you do not have to ship to the customers, we do that for you as well)

You can use social media to let the world know about the new collection and sales.

2: Earn 30% commission: Pop up your own boutique in your house, a friend’s house, and events or through your own e-boutique website where customers can also order online. (You do not have to buy any samples you do not have to ship) All you need to do is invite your friends over for an evening of fashion extravaganza)

You can use social media or send personal notes to invite friends and family.

Team sales:

Make your own team, bring in new stylists and earn another 5% on the sales they do.

home Party 

Chic Dock Rewards


How are we different from the others?

You will be given the sales material to take to the parties, unlike other direct sales companies you do not have to buy them.

As for the inventory you will deposit $200, even if the inventory is for $5,000.

In a given month if the sales reach over $3,000, the $200 deposit will also be given back to the stylist as an extra reward.

Our stylists do not have to spend time shipping to the customers—the brand does it for them.

Experience does not matter we train our members to be successful.

A weekly pay check will bring you gratification--- the numbers will match your efforts.

Annual Reward: The stylists bringing sales over 20,000 in annual sales gets a vacation package.          

                                            Carve your own destiny--------become a Chic Dock stylist

You host the first party at your convenient location and when you meet your friends encourage them to host the Chic Dock events. If you choose to spread the world and do the marketing well, your friends will be hosting events and you will be increasing your earnings. home Party


We provide you with the tools, training and materials to carve your niche and create your own success story.

So go ahead begin your journey------we will be there to guide and support you at every step.

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