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Introduce a touch of class to your wardrobe!!!

By Seema Khalil 2 years ago 787 Views 1 comment

Two brands with totally different design concepts and collections yet so similar in approach. Alchemy Detroit and Chic Dock both believe in delivering quality and class of the highest order.

Alchemy offers refined designs that integrate seamlessly and effortlessly into the modern lifestyle, be it board meeting or weekend brunch. The designer and owner, Shelley Van Riper, wants to celebrate a woman’s individuality through her design sensibility. Alchemy's menswear-inspired collection is crafted from deceptively simple sophistication, speaks to a woman’s brilliance, celebrates her individuality, and supports her unique alchemy.

Check out her American made collection by visiting:

Chic Dock styles evokes a sense of culture from which they originate yet communicate internationally in a way that the wearer looks chic and equally at ease in any part of the world. Seema Khalil, the designer and owner of the brand has taken a very deliberate effort in keeping the styles different and not easily found elsewhere. She have tried to bring each piece alive, by lending personal interpretation that carves an individualistic style, one that construes an edgy yet sophisticated juxtaposition of urban contours and vintage connotation with creative precision. Each piece is therefore unlike any other, a visual treat that quietly whispers a story, touches the soul and makes an emotional connect.

Tara dress

Model: Ashley Sousa in Tara hand embroidered dress.

Photography: Krithi Mahalingam (Mahal photography)

Please visit:


Unique, eco-friendly luxury handloom scarf collection by Chic Dock.

By Seema Khalil 3 years ago 1070 Views 5 comments

Comfortable and covetable scarves for the chic globetrotter--------they take you on a journey and bring back an understated bohemian appeal to your wardrobe.

Handloom Janet scarf

Our model Madison Scalera in hand embroidered Tara dress and handloom Janet scarf.

The Chic Dock sustainable and eco-friendly statement handloom scarf collection is here for the fashion connoisseurs who are conscious shoppers and care for the environment and the artisans.

We believe in reviving—sustaining—empowering----helping the unknown artisans and helping our planet. Handloom weaving takes a long time, at times even days to complete the final piece. The entire scarf is hand woven on wooden looms and then the artisans craft the fine ancient jamdani motifs by hand---a labor of love and art woven into one. Machine made is quicker and cheaper but does not have the same finesse, quality and it can never replace a human hand.

We are very eco- friendly and do not use electricity in making our scarves and machines are used only in stitching our garments so we save tons of harmful carbon emissions. We care about our artisans and customers and do not use cheap and harmful dyes, our colors are natural and Azo free.

Enjoy the Chic Dock unique styles--- a collaboration of yesterday and today--- a bond between you and the artisans which will make you beautiful inside and out--- you will unknowingly touch the soul who who created with passion. The mesmerizing collection speaks to you, beckons you to learn a bit more about the creators, those magical fingers which quietly but passionately bring the mere cloth to life. One has to hold these immaculate pieces to feel and see the unbelievable and spell binding interplay of carefully executed stitches intertwined by artistic hands. We give a part of our revenue to help improve the livelihood of our artisans and try hard to give them a consistent source of income.

The country I now call home has taught me many good things-----when you give----you feel better---when you cry for others---you share the pain and when you feel the pain----- you are a bound to fight it.

Join hands with me, I am not a mahatma but a soul like you who feels deeply---------Seema Khalil.