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 Her Little Studio

 Jodie Tsekrekas is an amazing photographer, she uses her camera as a brush to create master strokes. Her knack of capturing light and then using it in a brilliant way to make a lifeless subject beckon and draw a reaction is spelling binding. She redefines the mundane by infusing her lovely spirit and charm by passing a little bit of herself into every frame which blurs the line between emotion, photography and art. Jodie is kind, generous and gives without any expectation, her mantra in life is “if we would like to see change ---it is up to us.” She does not talk but does things to bring this change---she is like a breath of fresh air----and spreads fragrance of love and humanity. I highly recommend her as a fashion photographer as she treats the subject with emotion and that sensitivity is reflected in every frame---they stand out and do the talking---as a designer my work is cut into half as I don’t have to explain much.

I have found a friend for life----Seema.

Please visit:

Contact: (978) 500-5934




 Mahal Photography

 Krithi Mahalingam From Jodie to Krithi both incredible talents, in fact Jodie had referred and introduced Krithi to me. Krithi is very talented, professional and a formidable storyteller, her sharp sense of capturing the details with creative precision just amazed me. She made things easy by listening to my requests and then went above and beyond to give me perfect and incredible shots. Her professionalism and positive energy makes her a delight to work with.

Please visit:

Contact: 603 505 8117 or email at .






From a dream to a multi-staged process and each stage involving a different artisan. 

Spellbinding interplay of carefully executed methodical stitches intertwined by experienced hands speak volumes about the artistic fingers.